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Guiding Principles

What sets us apart? Our office strives for the highest possible excellence of care in the field of allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology.


Above all else, our office exists for the sole purpose of caring for our patients in our community and for no other reason. We do our best to deliver the best quality of care despite challenges including increasing health care insurance complexities, big government over-regulation, excessive paperwork, and the seemingly endless rise in health care costs. Government policy for health care seems more and more to remove the patient from the equation, in the quest to focus on abstract concepts and statistics. There is room for abstract concepts and large organizations in medicine, but we prefer to keep our operation on the small side so that patients get the feel of being welcome and treated as people.


The practice of medicine today requires appreciation of the best evidence available to support diagnosis and treatment. Like all other fields, allergy and immunology has benefited from research that asks specific questions about medical practice and studies these issues scientifically to improve the way medicine is practiced. It is all too easy to allow these advances to lag behind the state of knowledge. Dr Morgan is passionate about keeping up to date with this information and adapting his medical practices to reflect important changes.

A specialist is best set apart from other physicians by knowledge of and access to a wider variety of therapies, in order to expand the range of options available to patients and to have treatments not available to others. Dr Morgan likes to offer an unusually wide variety of choices; it is up to the patient to decide which is the best option or, more frequently, the sequence in which to try different strategies.

Dr Morgan does not practice “alternative” medicine like homeopathy and other such methods to treat allergic conditions. While a few of these alternative approaches might eventually prove safe and effective, evidence is not yet firm enough to support the use of these where more proven modern medical therapies are available. In fact Dr Morgan tries very hard to find effective treatments other than medicines and to use as few medicines as possible.


This last principle is the most complex but still important. Medicine nowadays has many conflicting requirements, including cost-effectiveness, efficiency, availability of the “latest advances,” and technological savvy. Our office is computerized and as paperless as practical to make things more transparent for the patient. We can transmit prescriptions over the computer unless requested to print an old style paper prescription.

We also recycle everything in the office and then some. Did you know our desks are custom made of recycled garbage? The surface is made of discarded newspapers bound in a soyabean resin. The structure is manufactured from compressed solid boards made of waste wheat straw that otherwise would be burned in the fields. Finally, our drawer fronts and overhead cabinet fronts are made of layered sorghum waste or sunflower seed shells. We are also among the first allergy offices anywhere to use tree-free facial tissues. (Most still use normal facial tissues that actually must be manufactured from precious hardwood timber.) As expected we need a large supply of these in our line of work. Our facial tissues are made of bagasse, which is a woodless paper made of the waste fibres after sugarcane is processed. Similar to wheat and sorghum, these would otherwise be burned or tossed in a landfill. Finally, what little paper we print each day for internal use is scrap paper, such as junk mail printed on a single side that can be put in our printer tray. Printing that must be done on unused paper is done on bagasse paper. This is actually a very fine paper product, which appears slightly purple compared to normal paper.

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