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OK… But, Really, Who Is Dr Morgan?!

I love treating (and most of the time fixing!) our patients’ allergies, but all work and no play is very dull, indeed.

I have been fortunate to visit many places, especially many places that others might consider off the beaten track. Choosing where to visit include (1) somewhere not previously visited, (2) where American visitors are not unwelcome, and (3) where it’s not too expensive. I especially like to visit Asia (which has an unfair advantage, since it’s the largest and most populous continent) and the Southern Hemisphere. The office is decorated with inexpensive but colorful curios brought back from my travels and a few other things too. Art from all the people of the world is special and interesting and deserves to be seen and appreciated. Descriptions are in the gallery.

By popular request, here are some pictures of myself in various places. I will try to add more photos as time permits. Click the green arrow to reveal more photos.

Mt Everest Base Camp (Tibetan side) Arrow

Everest Base Camp

Leaving the climbing to those with much more time, money, and interest!

Belize, Underwater (Scuba) Arrow

Belize Scuba

Getting a little wet in the Belize Barrier Reef...

Machu Picchu, Peru Arrow

Machu Picchu

Sharing the ancient ruins with the morning clouds...


I also have an interest in earlier keyboard instruments. Much of the music played today on the piano was actually written for other keyboard instruments, including the harpsichord and fortepiano. I am able to play the modern piano, although not really as a virtuoso. Here I like playing a limited number of works by Debussy, Albeniz, and Mussorgsky. However, playing Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert on the fortepiano and Baroque works on the harpsichord has a special way of bringing to life the art of a bygone age like no other experience. I listen to slightly different music yet again: try Mahler, Tavener (not Taverner, although his Renaissance era works are fine in small bites), and Pärt. Better soundtracks are nice, too.

Pictured here are instruments I own and others I have played.

1730 harpsichord, after Thomas Hitchcock (London) Arrow

English Harpsichord

I own a rarely encountered English style 2-manual harpsichord.

Early 1700s Franco-Flemish harpsichord Arrow

French Harpsichord

Copies of French 2-manual harpsichords are most common nowadays.

1790s fortepiano, after Anton Walter (Vienna) Arrow

Walter Fortepiano

The only way to play and hear Mozart and early Beethoven.

1824 fortepiano, after Conrad Graf (Vienna) Arrow

Graf Fortepiano

This is my prized possession, a real time machine for 200 years ago.

1824 Graf fortepiano pedals Arrow

Graf Pedals

This fortepiano has 4 interesting pedals, unlike modern pianos.

1824 Graf fortepiano, in concert Arrow

Houston Concert

Dr Morgan’s instrument rented for public performance at the Zilkha Hall in Houston.



I enjoy tinkering with Photoshop, both for fun and for everyday practical applications. I have used Adobe Photoshop since version 2 back in the early 1990s. In fact I am not a dominantly visual person, as I like exotic smells and tastes (see below) and sounds (see above). But we do live in a mostly visual world, and it is a wonder to be able to alter visual reality. Mainly I use Photoshop to restore old photos and repair digital photos taken presently. For example, putting this website together required the use of Photoshop.

And I can’t mention Photoshop without my Mac. I have bought and used all kinds of Apple computers since 1983. When I need to be productive and get my work done without fuss, it must be on a Mac.

No evening is complete without reading the next morning’s opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal. I regard this as the finest quality and most trustworthy source of broad news (not just financial) around.

I also like driving electric cars, which are perfect for the short distances I drive 99% of the time. I love the instant torque, the quiet, and the ability to charge at home overnight. I will never need to get an oil change or fill up with fuel. The Leaf pictured is manufactured in Kentucky.

Electric Car

The BMW i3 is the other electric car I have driven. Hmmm, Eric will need to wait another 14 years from the time of this photo before I will let him do any driving! Both are excellent electric cars. The BMW has a full one-foot driving experience, but it’s more convenient to charge the Leaf from the front.

Electric BMW

I love tropical fruits, many of which are exotic and not available in local markets (or at least not in great edible condition). Check these faves out (click each name to see the photo and my description). The only one attempting to be grown in my backyard is the Chilean guava. It should survive our winters, given shelter from the wind. I am also waiting on some heirloom tomato and alpine strawberry plants.

Mangosteen Arrow


Truly the queen of tropical fruits... just exquisite.

Sugar Apple Arrow


The texture and taste are divinely custard-like (best source: Taiwan).

Ice Cream Bean Arrow

Ice Cream Bean

The white fluff has a wonderful cotton texture and vanilla taste (eat chilled in Central America).

Mango Arrow


Mangos from South Asia or the Philippines (shown here) are best.

Black Sapote Arrow

Black Sapote

Related to the persimmon but with an extra rich taste... hard to find, even in its native Mexico.

Chilean Guava Arrow

Chilean Guava

Tasty fruits come in small packages, too.


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