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Are you wondering what all the things are in our logo? While not the most serious subject, here’s a closer look at what they all mean.

Allergy: Ragweed
Everyone has heard of ragweed! Why is ragweed so infamous? Ragweed plants release massive amounts of pollens into the air, which causes problems in the fall. However, most people would not know what ragweed pollen actually looks like because it is not visible. When ragweed pollens are trapped from the air and viewed under a microscope, it has the appearance of a spiked ball.

Asthma: Lungs
What is more fitting of an image for asthma than the lungs? Asthma is one of the most important illnesses affecting the lungs. The animated lungs shown here have a normal recoil back to a small size. In asthma part of the problem is that the lungs are not able to “shrink” back in size during exhalation. This can lead to air being trapped inside the lungs and difficulty breathing out.


Fireant is a major public health catastrophe in the southern USA since the second half of the 20th century. The fireant was introduced in the last century from South America. The problem of severe allergic reactions to fireant is fairly well understood and with excellent treatments available, but most physicians, public health authorities, and the general public either know nothing about the treatments available or do not make an effort to get the message out. Every year there are needless emergency room visits and deaths that could have been prevented by effective therapies from an allergist.

Immunology: Lymphocyte
The lymphocyte is a kind of white blood cell that is arguably the most important part of the immune system. As an example, AIDS is so devastating because HIV, which causes the disease, targets a type of lymphocyte that coordinates a large part of the body’s immune system. There are many rarer diseases (primary immune deficiencies) that can be as severe as AIDS but not caused by a virus. Instead, there is a problem inside the immune system that causes it not to work properly. Many of these diseases involve the lymphocyte.

North Texas: State of Texas
This one is obvious. Dr Morgan and staff are devoted to improving the health of our population in North Texas!

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