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Our Office Art Gallery

After countless requests, I have decided to show our office art pieces on the website. While it would be nice to have professionally made captions mounted by each piece on the wall, there are 2 problems with this approach: (1) the occasional new addition will incur a delay and great expense having a single new caption made, and (2) patients do not necessarily visit every room and have the ability to see every piece.

Thus, the nearest compromise is to place photos and captions on our website to answer the question we often get, “Where did that come from?” Photos will be arranged by location in the office.


Irish Welcome Ceramic Arrow

Ireland Ceramic

Ceramic with Irish Gaelic welcome text (Ireland)

Irish Cross Arrow

Ireland Cross

Wooden cross with inlaid and engraved Celtic motifs (Ireland)

La Giaconda Giclée Arrow

La Giaconda

Giclée reproduction of the Mona Lisa, similar to actual size

Javanese Temple Panel Arrow

Java Temple

Reproduction of stone block panel of ancient temples (Indonesia)

Lebanese Tapestry Arrow

Lebanon Tapestry

Cloth tapestry from Lebanon

Ethiopian Icon Arrow

Ethiopia Icon

Painted Orthodox icon on tropical hardwood with embedded silver alloy Ethiopian cross

Australian Aboriginal Print Arrow

Australian Aborigine

Modern print of Aboriginal art design (Australia)

Great Barrier Reef Sign Arrow

Great Barrier Reef

Whimsical sign, indicating distance from Sydney (Australia)

Genuine Boomerang Arrow


Working boomerang with Aboriginal art motifs (Australia)

More Aboriginal Art Arrow

More Aborigine

Framed kangaroo painting (Australia)

Bahraini Gypsum Portal Arrow

Bahrain Portal

Natural gypsum board decorated in local portal style (Bahrain)

Lady with the Unicorn Tapestry Arrow

Unicorn Tapestry

Scale reproduction of original, with fleur-de-lis hanger

Greek Papyrus Arrow

Greek Papyrus

Ancient scene with Dionysos on papyrus (Greece)

Korean Still Life Arrow

Korean Still

Floral scene reproduction from Korean National Museum

Holographic Korean Scene Arrow

Hologram Korea

Hologram of scene from Choson Dynasty (Korea)

Holographic Tiger Arrow

Hologram Tiger

Hologram of Siberian tiger (Korea)

Malaysian Batik Arrow

Malaysian Batik

Batik fabric with tropical wood hanger (Malaysia)

Chinese Art Print (1) Arrow

Chinese Print 1

Chinese Sage painting

Chinese Art Print (2) Arrow

Chinese Print 2

Galloping horse painting

Chinese Art Print (3) Arrow

Chinese Print 3

Karst with pines mountain scenery

Yemeni Jewish Window Arrow

Yemen Window

Authentic windowframe from Jewish home (Yemen, prior to 1948)

Shot Waiting Area

Acacia Slingshot Arrow

Mali Slingshot

Working Acacia wood slingshot (Mali)

Mud Cloth Tapestry Arrow

Mud Cloth

This large canvas was dyed using natural muds (Mali)

Dogon Door Arrow

Dogon Door

Authentic wood window door from the Dogon people (Mali)

Hippopotamus Print Arrow

Mali Hippo

Charcoal print of hippopotamus (Mali)

African Idol Fan Arrow

Mali Fan

Woven fan with tropical wood idol handle (Mali)

Brass-Indigo Hanging Arrow

Brass Indigo

Indigo cloth with sewn brass art (Mali)

Vertical Dye Cloth Arrow

Mali Vertical

Dyed cloth design (Mali)

Mali Wood Relief Arrow

Mali Relief

Acacia wood relief carving (Mali)

Sand on Glue Panel Arrow

Mali Cartoon

Sand on glue scene (Mali)

Carved Tree Figure Arrow

Tree Figure

Tropical wood carving (Mali)

African Mohair Tapestry Arrow

Mohair Rug

Naturally dyed mohair tapestry (Lesotho)

Ethiopian Bird Display Arrow

Ethiopia Birds

Display hanging of decorated Ethiopian birds

Lesotho Wood Sculpture Arrow

Lesotho Sculpture

Sculpture on hard wood log (Lesotho)

Lebanese Wood Painting Arrow

Lebanon Wood

Painted art on Lebanese cedar

Chinese Wood Painting Arrow

China Wood

Painted Chinese art on wood

Tibetan Prayer Wheel Arrow

Tibet Wheel Large

Large prayer wheel of bronze, brass, carnelian, and turquoise

Sri Lankan Elephant Hanger Arrow

Elephant Coat Hanger

Brass elephant head coat hanger from Sri Lanka

Korean Fan Art Arrow

Korean Fan

Painted art on fan (Korea)

Korean Gourd Relief Arrow

Korean Gourd

Relief on hemi-gourd shell (North Korea)

Patient Rooms

Elephant Coat Hanger Arrow

Elephant Hanger

Walnut wood elephant hanger (India)

Mango Wood Coat Hanger Arrow

Mango Hanger

Mango wood coat hanger (India)

Balinese Coat Hanger Arrow

Bali Hanger

Balinese coat hanger with field ox design (Indonesia)

Laotian Silver Engraving Arrow

Laotian Silver

Silver and tin engraving (Laos)

Laotian Kalaga Arrow

Laotian Kalaga

Kalaga embroidered tapestry (Laos)

Laotian Wood Relief Arrow

Laotian Relief

Bas relief on tropical hard wood (Laos)

Laotian Batik Arrow

Laos Batik

Elephant design batik hung on tropical wood holder (Laos)

Laotian Reed Scroll Arrow

Laotian Reed

Painting of village threaded over reed scroll (Laos)

Tibetan Prayer Flags Arrow

Tibetan Flags

String of rectangular prayer flags (Tibet)

Tibetan Beaten Silver Arrow

Tibetan Silver

Bas relief of Buddhist mandala on beaten silver with copper (Tibet)

Tibetan Tangka Arrow

Tibet Tangka

Traditional tangka hanging (Tibet)

Chinese Scene Painting Arrow

Chinese Scene

Print of a classic Chinese painted scene

Chinese Sage Painting Arrow

Chinese Sage

Painting by a family friend of a Chinese Sage (USA)

Borobudur Scene Arrow


Painting on bamboo slats of Borodudur Temple in Java (Indonesia)

Thai Kalaga (Fairies) Arrow

Thai Kalaga 1

Mythological fairies (Thailand)

Thai Kalaga (Chinthe) Arrow

Thai Kalaga 2

Mythological chinthe (Thailand)

Vietnamese Lacquered Panels Arrow

Vietnam Panels

Set of 4 matching exquisite lacquered panels

Vietnamese Reed Collage Arrow

Vietnam Reed

Collage scene on reed with bamboo frame

East Indian Tapestry Arrow

India Tapestry

Collage tapestry on cotton, from northeastern India

Ethiopian Leather Painting Arrow

Ethiopia Leather

Biblical scenes in Ethiopian Orthodox style painted on leather

Ethiopian Staff Head Arrow

Ethiopia Staff

Cruciform head of liturgical staff from the Ethiopian Orthodox rite

Ethiopian Cross Icon Arrow

Ethiopian Cross

Pewter Ethiopian cross with enamel painting

East African Zebra Arrow

Ethiopia Zebra

Zebra depicted on tropical wood carving

Ethiopian Canvas Arrow

Ethiopia Canvas

Domestic scene painted on stretched canvas

Ethiopian Plucked Lyre Arrow

Ethiopia Instrument

Scale replica of begena (Ethiopian musical instrument)

Ethiopian Drum Arrow

Ethiopia Drum

Small model of East African drum

Ethiopian Woven Basket Arrow

Ethiopia Basket

Cloth basket used to hold food or utensils

Nurse Station

Bolivian Wool Carpet Arrow

Bolivian Carpet

Wool carpet depicting rustic Andean scene (Bolivia)

Bolivian Weaving Arrow

Bolivian Weaving

Fine weaving of indigenous tribal art (Bolivia)

Balinese Boat Carving Arrow

Balinese Boat

Festive boat carving from Bali (Indonesia)

Malaysian Wood Chip Scene Arrow

Malaysia Wood Chip

Tropical scene using wood chips on felt and paper (Malaysia)

Tibetan Prayer Wheels Arrow

Tibet Wheels

Set of 3 mounted Tibetan prayer wheels, to be turned clockwise

Tibetan Silk Hanging Arrow

Tibet Silk

Silk hanging with printed Tibetan script and symbology

Ethiopian Leather Banner Arrow

Ethiopia Banner

Illustrated Ethiopian Orthodox banner on leather

Lebanese Musical Instrument Arrow

Lebanon Instrument

Small replica of 2-stringed fiddle from Lebanon)

Maronite Ceramic Icon Arrow

Lebanon Plate

Ceramic icon of the Maronite (Lebanese Catholic) rite

Mexican Engraved Plate Arrow

Mexican Plate

Engraved brass plate (Mexico)

Sri Lankan Brass Sun Arrow

Sri Lanka Star

Brass sun with Buddhist mantra and dangling bells

Sri Lankan Wood Plaque Arrow

Sri Lanka Plaque

Tropical wood plaque with auspicious Sinhalese script carving

Sri Lankan Toy Seagull Arrow

Sri Lanka Seagull

Toy articulated seagull: pull the string to fly away!

Jamaican Woven Fan Arrow

Jamaica Fan

Woven fan from Jamaica

Vietnamese Woven Fan Arrow

Vietnam Fan

Woven fan from Vietnam

Egg Shell Lacquer Arrow

Vietnam Egg Shell

Fisherman scene lacquered over cracked egg shells (Vietnam)

Mother of Pearl Lacquered Panel Arrow

Vietnam Panel

Lacquered wood panel with inlaid mother of pearl (Vietnam)

Mongolian Horse Wine Arrow

Horse Wine

Traditional leather vessel (unopened) containing fermented horse milk (Mongolia)

Genghis Khan Likeness Arrow

Genghis Khan

Likeness of Genghis Khan on lambskin, with tassles (Mongolia)

Soweto Collage Arrow

Soweto Collage

Whimsical collage from Soweto, outside Johannesburg (South Africa)

Zulu Warrior Puppet Arrow

Zulu Puppet

Articulated toy puppet of Zulu warrior (South Africa)

Nepali Mandala Arrow

Nepal Mandala

Intricate painted and gilt Buddhist mandala (Nepal)

Nepal Fabric Montage Arrow

Nepal Montage

Sewn fabric landscape montage (Nepal)

All-Seeing Eye Arrow

Nepal Eye

Ubiquitous throughout the Himalayas is the symbol of the all-seeing eye (Nepal)

Nepal Vertical Banner Arrow

Nepal Banner

Auspicious tidings in ornately decorated Nepali script (Nepal)

Arabic Calligraphy Hanging Arrow

Syria Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy on small tassled hanger from Syria

Arabic Metal Etching Arrow

Syria Brass

Small brass etching from Syria depicting the Dome of the Rock

Other Areas

Butterly Collage Arrow

Butterfly 1

Butterfly wings on construction paper (West Africa)

More Butterflies Arrow

Butterfly 2

Another remarkable butterfly wing collage (West Africa)

Cameroon Mask Arrow

Cameroon Mask

Elongated mask wood carving (Cameroon)

Belizean Jaguar Arrow

Belize Jaguar

Bas relief on slate of jaguar and Mesoamerican zodiacal symbols (Belize)

Peruvian Carpet Arrow

Peru Llama

Andean scene, made of stitched llama fur pieces (Peru)

Peruvian Zodiac Arrow

Peru Calendar

Double-sided engraved zodiac and calendar on cow bone (Peru)

Peruvian Idol Arrow

Peru Idol

Brass likeness of pre-Columbian idol (Peru)

Javanese Bodhi Leaf Arrow

Bodhi Leaf

Leaf from sacred bodhi tree on wood bark (Indonesia)

Giraffe Mask Arrow

Giraffe Mask

Tropical soft wood carving of giraffe (South Africa)

South African Elephant Mask Arrow

Elephant Mask

Mahogany mask with elephant motif (South Africa)

South African Reed Collage Arrow

Reed Collage

Reed collage (South Africa)

Vertical Panel Hanging Arrow

Vertical Panel

Vertical tapestry with unusual Acacia (fever tree) green wood ends (South Africa)

Leopard Bark Collage Arrow


Leopard of wood bark pieces (South Africa)

Africa Village Bark Collage Arrow

Africa Village

Village scene of wood bark pieces (South Africa)

Cambodian Pocket Holder Arrow

Temple Holder

Vertical fabric pockets with coconut temple carving (Cambodia)

Another Pocket Holder Arrow

Elephant Holder

Similar, but with elephants carved on the coconut shells (Cambodia)

Farmhouse Embroidery Arrow


Hand embroidered by Dr Morgan’s mother (USA)

Amerindian Dreamcatcher Arrow


Small modern dreamcatcher (USA)

Metal Leaf Engraving Arrow

Metal Leaf

Engraved metal art hanging (USA)

Metal Coat Hooks Arrow

Metal Hooks

Engraved metal coat hooks (USA)

Marina Painting Arrow

Marina Painting

Marina painting (USA)

Hillside Painting Arrow

Mountain Painting

Hillside scene (USA)

Mongolian Decorative Scene Arrow

Mongolia Painting

Mongolian style painting in decorative frame

Soviet Propaganda Poster Arrow

Soviet Propaganda

Authentic propaganda posterior from Soviet times (Russia)

Koran Engraving Arrow

Moroccan Koran

Brass engraving of Koranic calligraphy on enamel (Morocco)

Kaaba Tapestry Arrow

Kaaba Tapestry

Felt print of the Kaaba in Mecca (Morocco)


Have questions not answered here? Please refer to other sections or elsewhere on the website. Also feel free to ask our office.