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Welcome to Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology of North Texas, the office of Matt Morgan, MD.

I designed my own website to reflect our mission: patient-centered, evidence-based, and modern care in the field of allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology. This website is intended to provide information about our office to existing and prospective patients, as well as health care professionals. Please select a link from the navigator panel to the left to reach the appropriate page.

New or prospective patients or others unfamiliar with our office will want to review our new patient information including downloadable new patient forms, hours, and other important tips for new patients. Our location page contains a map and directions to our office. You may also make a new patient appointment online:

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Education is central to the service provided by an allergist, with various conditions that are difficult to understand or misunderstood. For this reason, I have created a variety of educational materials in the resources section that supplement your experience in the office. The links section provides connections to further educational resources beyond our pages.

The privacy section provides further details about HIPAA and our privacy policy. The privacy forms may also be downloaded there.

Our website is always under construction; check back for any updates. Thank you for visiting www.allergynorthtexas.com!